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Saving the sight and lives of

babies in the Developing World

We design medical
devices to solve
two big problems

Oxygen-induced Blindness in Preterm Babies

Infant Death from Widespread Oxygen Scarcity

Oxygen-induced Blindness in Preterm Babies

Infant Death from Systemic Oxygen Scarcity

A Blindness Epidemic is threatening the future of millions of babies

Every year 15 Million babies are born preterm.  These tiny babies need oxygen to survive, but oxygen is a drug. Too much is toxic, causing blindness. Too little causes death.

Most developing world hospitals lack devices to safely administer infant oxygen, threatening the vision of millions of babies. Too much oxygen triggers a sight-stealing disease, ROP (Retinopathy of Prematurity). Nearly all hospitals lack the resources to treat ROP, so it must be prevented.

With in-country doctors, we are co-developing breakthrough, affordable devices to prevent blindness in preterm babies.

15 Million

Number of preterm babies born every year at risk of blindness from oxygen toxicity

Washington Post

“For tiny infants, too much oxygen can mean blindness.  Too little means death.”

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Over 1 million children die each year from oxygen supply scarcity

Oxygen is perceived as equally available to both rich and poor in every region of the world.  That couldn’t be further from reality.

In fact, a stable and consistent supply of oxygen is available in less than one-third of developing world hospitals.  Oxygen in poor countries is fraught with production impurities, unreliable power grids and catastrophically broken supply chains.

O2 Science is designing power efficient, small footprint, reliable solutions to make oxygen equally available to everyone.

3 Million

Children are at risk of dying from lack of medical oxygen


of developing world hospitals lack a consistent supply of oxygen

McKinsey & Company

Coronavirus: India faces oxygen scarcity as cases surge

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Every 2 Seconds

a pre-term baby is born at risk of blindness


babies at risk of blindness every year

1 Million

children die yearly from oxygen scarcity


Neglected Area of Need

Values That Clarify Our Focus

Purpose drives us.  We look at business through the lens of purpose before profits.  A clear purpose will find a financial model that enables purpose, generating profits to continue the purpose.


We speak and fight for babies that have no voice or status. The devices we design are more than products. They are a chance for millions of children to have a healthy future.


Design should not impose itself on culture, but rather listen to it. We listen not just out of respect, but because we believe the cultures we serve have insights that we don’t.

O2 Science innovates medical oxygen devices to save the sight and transform the health of babies in the most neglected areas of the world