Who We Are

O2 Science is a humanitarian focused medical device company located in Jerusalem, Israel. We design devices to prevent epidemic level childhood blindness, and solve oxygen inaccessibility in low-income countries. Both problems are pervasive and preventable.

Our team of engineers, physicians and clinicians are united by uncommon compassion to save lives. Through relentless innovation, we will close this gap on medical injustice.

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Richard Manley

Rich is the CEO of an impact focused strategy and brand group in Austin Texas, and O2 Science, an Israel medical device company focused on oxygen delivery to premature babies in the developing world. Previously, Rich was the founder of ventures that spanned media, enterprise and mobile technologies for hospitality and retail brands including JC Penney and Hilton.

Todd Gibson

Raised as a native in one of the most remote and primitive countries on earth, Todd blends his unique upbringing with a decade of technology leadership to drive strategic innovation and impact for the developing world. Todd has led engineering and product teams globally, spanning digital and physical engineering disciplines with both startups and established companies.

Dr. Armie Harper

Dr. C. Armitage “Armie” Harper is Chief of Ophthalmology at Seton Medical Center in Austin and a Clinical Associate Professor at the Mitchel and Shannon Wong Eye Institute, University of Texas, Dell Medical School.  Dr Harper is a partner at Austin Retina Associates. With 18 locations, Austin Retina is one of the largest Retina practices in the U.S. and the largest practice in Central Texas. He is an internationally-recognized expert on Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP), and has been relentless in his drive to help save the sight of premature babies in the US and the developing world.

Mexico City NICU – (L- R) Dr. Armie Harper, Rich Manley, Todd Gibson

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International Team

Dr. Hugo Quiroz-Mercado

Dr. Hugo Quiroz-Mercado is a recognized leader and specialist in diseases of the retina, macular diseases, diabetic retinopathy, and retinopathy of prematurity (ROP). He is currently a Retinal surgeon with an appointment at Hospital para Evitar la Ceguera en México, APEC, and Medica Sur Hospital. He holds his appointment as a professor at the University of Colorado, Denver.With over 25 years of practice experience, Dr. Quiroz has held previous appointments as the Director of the Retina Department and Chief of the Experimental Surgery Laboratory at Luis Sanchez Hospital for the Prevention of Blindness, as well as a professor of Ophthalmology at the Facultad de Medicina, Universidad Autonoma de Mexico. He specializes in treating patients with severe retinopathy and helping them cope with impending complications.Dr. Quiroz is the former Director of Ophthalmology at Denver Health Medical Center where he influenced teaching programs mainly in Vitreoretinal Surgery as well as impulse research in different areas of Ophthalmology.Currently, he is Director of Research at Asociación para Evitar la Ceguera en México acting as the liaison between several Ophthalmological programs in the USA including: University of Colorado, Stanford University and Allegro Ophthalmics. He is a Research level III at Conacyt (Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología). Dr. Quiroz was trained completing fellowships in Vitreo-Retinal Diseases at APEC in Mexico City and Schepens Eye Research Institute in Boston.

Dr. Maria Ana Martinez-Castellanos

Dr. Maria Ana Martinez-Castellanos is an Assistant Professor of Pediatric Retina, at the Asociación para Evitar la Ceguera (APEC) in México City, the largest eye hospital in Latin America. She also serves as a pediatric retina specialist at General Hospital “Belisario Dominguez” in Mexico City and Perinatal Hospital “Monica Pretelini” in Toluca, Mexico. Dr. Martinez-Castellanos is a Mexican board certified ophthalmologist whose clinical practice involves the surgical and medical management of adult and pediatric vitreo-retinal disease.Dr. Martinez-Castellanos´ primary research interests focus on the pathogenesis and management of retinopathy of prematurity (ROP). She works with numerous investigators worldwide to address the growing burden of ROP. Dr. Martinez-Castellanos runs the retinopathy of prematurity prevention program at 5 different hospitals in Mexico City and Toluca, Mexico and is engaged in many clinical projects and collaborations studying ROP.Dr. Martinez-Castellanos´ has won numerous academic awards including Biennial Award of Ophthalmology “Arturo Santos” from the Mexican Society of Ophthalmology, Rosenkranz Award from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, Tyson Award from the Pan American Ophthalmology Association and the Honor Award from the American Society of Retina Specialists.

Dr. Paulina Ramirez-Neria

Paulina Ramírez-Neria is an Ophthalmologist and retina surgeon and specialist in pediatric retina. She currently is head of Retinopathy of Prematurity Screening Program at the Instituto Mexicano de Oftalmología (I.A.P.) in Queretaro, Mexico.  She is a specialist in the detection and treatment of retinopathy of prematurity  (ROP) and in the management of extremely premature babies, and their revision in intensive neonatal therapy.Paulina conducts research across internal medicine, and retinal diseases, including retinopathy of prematurity and diabetic retinopathy among others. Her most recent publication is ‘Basis and Design of a Randomized Clinical Trial to Evaluate the Effect of Levosulpiride on Retinal Alterations in Patients With Diabetic Retinopathy and Diabetic Macular Edema’.

Francisco Perez-Vazquez, M.D.

Knows as ‘Frank’ by colleagues and friends, he is a second-year Ophthalmology resident in APEC Hospital in Mexico City. After graduating in 2017 from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), he worked 2 years alongside Dr Hugo Quiroz as a retina research fellow. His interest in ROP and prematurity took him into working with Dr Armitage Harper and Dr Hugo Quiroz in screening studies in different pediatric hospitals within Mexico City.After finishing the ophthalmology residency, he plans on continuing his training as a retina specialist with a particular focus for pediatric conditions. Dr Perez-Vazquez is an enthusiastic clinician, surgeon and researcher interested in the prevention of blindness in premature newborns through research and collaboration between different organizations.

Co-Development Partners


Caesarea, Israel

ARAN is the leading product design and development firm in Israel, with a focus on medical, defense and industrial technologies.



SWV is our Clinician, Education and Physician training partner. Small World’s mission is to eradicate childhood blindness.



Treating over 250,000 patients annually, APEC is the largest eye hospital and the only pediatric retina unit in Latin America.